Nan Melville Photography & Video


Chapman's Peak; The Sentinal Mountain and Hout Bay; Cape Town; South Africa; 2012
"Tour de Fashion" Rides into Fashion Week, New York,  Bicycles decorated by top designers including Delhi-born and NYC-raised jewelry and accessories designer
NY Lights; Mid-town; New York City; 2012
Children fishing in large drain of water in field, Imphal
Blake, Lamps, Pipes and Gauges, New York, 2009
Tipsy Parson, 2009 Review
Thanksgiving dinner plate of rost turkey and vegetables, New York, 2009
Green Apple BBQ, Restaurant, New York, 2009
Gina's famous Italian sausage, San Gennaro festival, New York
Halva, nut and flour based desert
Shoes, Fashion Week, Bryant Park, New York, 2009
Fashion Statements, Fashion Week, New York, 2009
Benito Fernandez, Argentine Fashion Collection, New York, 2009
New design, Coke Sprite Soda Bottles, Fashion Shop, New York, 2009
Anything goes at Fashion Week, Bryant Park, New York, 2009
In the Grove, Fashion Week, Bryant Park, New York, 2009
Everyone is a Model, Fashion Week, Bryant Park, New York, 2009
Fern Mallis, Senior Vice President of IMG, Fashion Week, New York, 2009
Arise Collection, Fashion Week, Bryant Park, New York, 2009
Guggenheim Museum, Gallery, New York, 2009
Girls, NPS All-Women Lifeguard Tournament, Sandy Hook, NJ, 2009
Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Model as Muse, The Costume Institute, fashion display
Waterpod Sustainable Art Technology Habitat, New York, 2009
Skyskraper buildings, Times Square, New York, 2009
New Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, performance theater, Queens
Fashion Reflection, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Cherry Blossoms, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, New York, 2009
Frittata, type of Italian omelet, egg and vegetables, cheese
Thai shrimp curry and rice lunch
Sunrise smoke scene; New Jersey; 2009
Reflection; Face; Table; New York
Reflection at Baccarat Booklaunch, New York, 2008
Reflection at Baccarat Booklaunch, New York, 2008
Royal Flush, portable toilets, for marathon, New York, 2009
Muscular bare backs; three men
Walk-through passage, midtown building, New York, 2008
Wire chair and shadow, in sunlight, New York, 2008
Plaza Hotel; New York; 2008
Tree in Car Door, New York, 2009
Sitting Room, Garden, Holiday home, East Hampton, 2008
Blue swimming pool; East Hampton; 2008
Reflection in Truck, New York, 2008
Red an yellow Bell peppers
Reflection; buildings; Johannesburg
Building Reflection in Sky Scraper, Johannesburg, 2008
City Buildings, Mosque, Diagonal Street, Johannesburg, 2008
Mandela Bridge, Johannesburg, 2008
City Scape, Johannesburg, 2008
Cityscape, De Beers Building, Johannesburg, 2008
Metal Guinea Fowl, Craft Market, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2008
Maropeng, Cradle of Humankind, Gauteng, South Africa, 2008
Traditional breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, Die Stal, South Africa
Table Mountain, Cape Town, 2008
Laundry on line; Soetwater refugee camp; Cape Town; 2008
Milkshakes already enjoyed, Maropeng, South Africa
Wheelbarrows, Die Stal, Barrydale, South Africa, 2008
Pumpkins on Roof; Montagu; South Africa; 2008
Geese, Avalon Spring, Montagu, South Africa, 2008
Reflection; car rearview mirror; Montagu
Three Brooms, Cape Town, South Africa, 2008
Hout Bay Reflection, Harbour, South Africa, 2008
Reflection; boats in water
Hout Bay Scene, Cape Town, 2008
Seal; Mammal; Cape Town
Cape Point, Tip of South Africa, Cape Town, 2008
Sentinal Mountain, Hout Bay Sunset, Cape Town, 2008
Throughway in building 56 St West New York
Pomegranite salad; Thanksgiving dinner; 2007
Rose; Botanical Gardens New York
Portrait drawing of girl by street artist, New York, 2008
Reflection; Dendur Temple pool; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New york
Beach scape; East Hampton; 2008
Cheese tarts; Le Moulin Event Planning & Catering; 2007
Taste of Summer; Lincoln Center; New York City; 2007
Carnegie Hall Auditorium, New York, 2008
Bird; Seagull; Cape Town
Siamese cat; domestic pet
La Rosita; Milk jug; 2006
La Rosita; Café con Leche; 2006
Café con Leche; La Rosita restaurant
White or Princess Anne cherries on glass table, New York
Sunburst Sunset, Manhattan, New York, 2007
Sunrise over Havana; Cuba; 2006
Coke-Cola can on manhole cover with leaves, New York, 2006
Renovation of buildings, Havana, 2006
Stained glass window, halfmoon shape, Havana, Cuba, 2006
Doors, Polaroid transfer derelict house, Zaneen, South Africa, 2006
Yellow taxi cab reflections, New York City, 2006
Ceiling, Pantheon dome, Rome, Italy, 2006
Mosaic Ceiling, Baptistery, Florence, Italy, 2006
Ponte Vecchio, Arno River, Florence, Italy, 2006
Most delicious roast chicken at farmers market, Gressoney, Italy
Reflection; Pediment; cobbled street; Italy
Italian boy, Alexanrdo, eats gelatti icecream to last drop at Gressoney Lake, Italy
Colourful bicycle and geraniums, Gressoney, Italy, 2006
Ponte Pietra over Alige River, Verona, Italy, 2006
Arena, Roman amphitheatre, Verona, Italy, 2006
Pasteries, Florence, Italy, 2006
Sun flare at sunset over Manhattan skyline, New York 2006
Olives at farmers market, Gressoney, Italy