Nan Melville Photography & Video


NY Lights; Mid-town; New York City; 2012
Fashion Reflection, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Reflection; Face; Table; New York
Reflection at Baccarat Booklaunch, New York, 2008
Reflection at Baccarat Booklaunch, New York, 2008
Tree in Car Door, New York, 2009
Reflection in Truck, New York, 2008
Reflection; buildings; Johannesburg
Building Reflection in Sky Scraper, Johannesburg, 2008
Reflection; car rearview mirror; Montagu
Hout Bay Reflection, Harbour, South Africa, 2008
Reflection; boats in water
Reflection; Dendur Temple pool; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New york
Sunburst Sunset, Manhattan, New York, 2007
Yellow taxi cab reflections, New York City, 2006
Ponte Vecchio, Arno River, Florence, Italy, 2006
Reflection; Pediment; cobbled street; Italy
Manhattan skyline, buildings and lights in river water, New York 2006
Reflection of boats in beautiful Croatian waters, Korcula, 2003