Nan Melville Photography & Video


Clergy, Bernini’s colonnade, St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, 2006
Gondolas, Canal, Venice, Italy, 2006
Gondolas, Sunrise, Venice, Italy, 2006
Ceiling, Pantheon dome, Rome, Italy, 2006
Fontana di Neptuno, Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy, 2006
Nativity painting, Florence, Italy, 2006
Mosaic Ceiling, Baptistery, Florence, Italy, 2006
Ponte Vecchio, Arno River, Florence, Italy, 2006
Gondolier, Venice, Italy, 2006
Beautiful church spire with trees on mountain, Gressoney, Italy, 2006
Gorgeous lake with snow topped mountains, trees and relfections, Gressoney, Italy, 2006
Colourful bicycle and geraniums, Gressoney, Italy, 2006
Tourists relax, Florence, Italy, 2006
Ponte Pietra over Alige River, Verona, Italy, 2006
Ornate Italian Buildings reflected in car at St Peter's Bridge entrance
Arena, Roman amphitheatre, Verona, Italy, 2006
Pasteries, Florence, Italy, 2006
Milan Station, Italy, 2006
Roman Amphitheatre, Verona, Italy, 2006
Traffic Policeman, Verona, Italy, 2006
Sun on the Sea, Kerry, Ireland, 2003
Spire of Dublin, Monument of Light, Needle, Ireland, 2003
Newgrange Tomb, Boyne Valley, Ireland, 2003
Newgrange Tomb, Boyne Valley, Ireland, 2003
Beer, Pub, Kerry, Ireland, 2003
Cliffs, sea, landscape, Kerry, Ireland, 2003
Sweetbank Farm, Wicklow Town, Ireland, 2003
James Joyce Statue, Dublin, Ireland, 2003
Young Couple on Dublin Street, Ireland, 2003
Thistle plant, Kerry, Ireland, 2003
Rainy day, Street scene, Dublin, Ireland, 2003
Sunlight Arch, Old City Wall, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2002