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Saeko Ichinohe Dance Company; 40 year Anniversary; 2011
Dance On Camera Festival; Lombard Twins, Martin & Facundo; NEVER STAND STILL, reception, Walter Reade; 2012
Children fishing in large drain of water in field, Imphal
Juilliard New Dances/Edition 2008
Saeko Ichinohe Dance Company, 1000th Anniversary Celebration, Tale of Genji, 2008
Darrell Moultrie, choreographer, dancer, New York, 2009
Pavithra Reddy, Nrityagram Classical Indian dancer, Bangelore, India, 2008
Surupa Sen, classical Odissi dancer, artistic director, Nrityagram, India, 2008
Ballet Hispanico: TRES BAILES world premiere
“Impermanent Collection,” at the Whitney Museum of American Art, 2007
Alvin Ailey 2007 Season Beginning
Danish Dance Theatre, 2007
Ballet Hispanico and the Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra performing in Battery Park, 2007
Joan Miller; John Jay College; New York; 2007
States & Resemblance, 2007
Joyce Theater 25th Anniversary, lineup of celebrated performers and companies taking part
Trisha Brown Dance Company, 2009
Charla Genn, ballet teacher, New York, 2007
NY Times Video: Alessandra Ferri's Farewell, 2007
Jim Nowakowski as Acteon (Diana & Acteon); YAGP; New York; 2007
Aurora Dickie as Kitri; 'Don Quixote'; YAPG; New York; 2007
Eifman Ballet; RED GISELLE at City Center, Nina Zmievets, Yuri Smekalov, New York, 2007
Cuban Ballet Article, Dance Magazine, New York, 2006
Alvin Ailey, Rene Robinson, 25th Anniversary, Sweet Bitter Love, New York, 2006
KNUA Dance Company, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, New York, 2006
National Ballet de Cuba, International Ballet Festival, Havana, 2006
Young girls in dance class, Havana, Cuba, 2006
Garth Fagan at the Joyce; LIFE: DARK/LIGHT; Feel / Think
WE B*GIRLZ, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, New York, 2006
Breakdance, Times Square, New York, 2006
Alvin Ailey, CRY, Dwana Adiaha Smallwood, City Center, New York, 2005
ABT, Sylvia, Wiles & Saveliev, Metropolitan Opera House, New York, 2005
CARMEN danced by Marcela Goicochea and Luis Ortigoza at the Festival Internacional de La Habana. 2004
Alicia Alonso and Ballet Nacional du Cuba, Defile opening Festival Internacional de Ballet de La Habana, 2004
Giselle, Ballet Nacional de Cuba, International Ballet Festival, Havana, Cuba, 2004
Nikolais-Louis Polaroid Image from 'Dancers in Performance' Exhibition, Princeton Ballet School
Cover Article, Vuka Cultural Magazine, South Africa, 1995