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Thanksgiving dinner plate of rost turkey and vegetables, New York, 2009
Gina's famous Italian sausage, San Gennaro festival, New York
Halva, nut and flour based desert
Waterpod Sustainable Art Technology Habitat, New York, 2009
Frittata, type of Italian omelet, egg and vegetables, cheese
Traditional breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, Die Stal, South Africa
Cheese tarts; Le Moulin Event Planning & Catering; 2007
Taste of Summer; Lincoln Center; New York City; 2007
La Rosita; Café con Leche; 2006
White or Princess Anne cherries on glass table, New York
Rainbow face, La Rosita Restaurant, New York, 2006
Most delicious roast chicken at farmers market, Gressoney, Italy
Italian boy, Alexanrdo, eats gelatti icecream to last drop at Gressoney Lake, Italy
Table setting, Rose Englund for Studio Company, New York
Smoked salmon, Paddy's Pub, Ireland, 2003
Crabs, Chinatown market, New York